Adres: Szkoła Podstawowa w Chorzelowie, 39-331 Chorzelów    Tel: 48 17 584 14 22     Fax: 48 17 584 14 22   
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[Zespół Szkół w Chorzelowie]


39 - 331 CHORZELOW

The Schools’ Group in Chorzelow consists of the primary school and the lower secondary school. They are coeducational schools like the others in Poland. At our Schools’ Group there are about 45 teachers. They are very patient, capably and demanding. Most of them have great vocation for teaching. They can involve the class in the lesson. Sixteen of them work at our primary school.

  At our primary school there are about two hundred pupils at the ages from seven to twelve. They attend six forms. Polish pupils have got many different subjects. All schools work a five-day week. We usually  start lessons at eight o’clock and finish at one o’clock. Each lesson lasts forty-five minutes. During the lunch break / twenty minutes/ pupils can get meals at our school canteen. When our pupils want to borrow some books, they can take them from our school library. 

[Szkoła z klasą]

   On 10 October 2003 Primary School in Chorzelow received the certtificate of  The School With A High Quality.
[Certyfikat-Szkoła z Klasą]
Chorzelow is a big village, which is located in the Sandomierska Valley, in the south-east of Poland, in the north-western part of the podkarpackie province, near Mielec city. It belongs to Mielec commune. Chorzelow is inhabited by 2687 people. The area of the village is 876,07 ha. There are a nursery school, a primary school and a lower secondary school in Chorzelow. A Non- State Health Service Centre offers health services.
Amateurs of culture and arts will surely be interested in a manor complex dating to the seventeenth century and a seventeenth century church with Baroque altars.
Culture in Chorzelow and in the whole commune is the concern of the Local Government’s Culture and Sports Centre. It offers diversified forms of entertainment and recreation, organizes cultural, entertainment and recreational events.
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[Horses farm]
Chorzelow displays agricultural and industrial characteristics with prevailing multi-directional farming production: grains and fodder plants growing and cattle poultry and pigs breading. Works of food processing/ a mill and an elevator/ and the Experimenting Branch of the Animal Husbandry Institute in Chorzelow are associated with the domain of farming production.
Other firms in Chorzelow include two bakeries, production and service handicraft workshops specializing in motor technology, electrical engineering, building, wood processing, carpentry and furniture making. There is also a modern water treatment station located in a village area. 
Szkoła Podstawowa w Chorzelowie